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Construction site, aerial photo, volumetric analysis
Volumetric & Stockpile Measurements
   We can provide your company with volume and stockpile measurements that are a extremely accurate and cost-effective method in calculating volume.  Our measurements are consistently within 1-2% of traditional ground-based laser measurements.
    We can measure any type of stockpile, from aggregate materials like sand, stone, gravel and rock, to biomass products like pulp, paper, timber, logs, wood chips, mulch and manure, as well as minerals like gypsum, kaolin, lime, clay and ceramic, even road-building materials such as asphalt, petroleum, coke, cement and concrete. The size of pits and landfills can also be accurately measured based on cut and fill volumes.
BIM - Project Monitoring
   Monitor construction sites as they evolve, using georeferenced orthophotos and 3D data. View the as-built situation of your site for up-to-date measurements and continued analysis, making earthwork management and detailed virtual inspections more efficient.
Aerial photo of construction site, project monitoring
Aerial 3D model, commecial real estate
3D Modeling
Aerial point cloud image
Point Cloud
Mapping and Surveying
  We produce true orthomosaics, digital surface models and 3D models for analysis, our outputs are compatible with GIS and other professional platforms.
Aerial photo of commercial real estate, measuring dimensions
Livestock Counting & Monitoring
Remotely monitor fence lines and the status of any size of cattle operation’s feed and watering infrastructure.
Tree Counting & Canopy Assessment 
Identify gaps, coverage, and fullness in fields and counting trees. Our missions can be saved and re-flown to exactly the same GPS coordinates to view time-lapse imagery, revealing areas of concern.
Irrigation Monitoring
Remotely identify water supply issues. Imagery analysis allows areas of interest to be flagged with GPS coordinates, eliminating time spent searching for the problem.
  Inspections are carried out safely and efficiently at a fraction of the cost to send a crew out to inspect a facility or tower.
  We perform inspections on number of different types of structures; flare stacks, wind turbines, cell towers, power lines, roofing, to name a few of our usual customers. 
Inspections have a quick turnaround time, once the order has been placed and a crew has been dispatched, the full report with imaging is delivered within 24 hours. Please call (559) 640 - 7930 to discuss your specific requirements.
Drone and crewmen doing an aerial inspection of a tower

  We provide quotes on a  case by case basis due to the complexities of each operation. Our rates include both flight and processing times and will cut your previous costs considerably, in comparison to what you are spending today.  The reason we can reduce reduce our client's operating costs, while increasing productivity, is quite simple; what we can do today by utilizing advanced technology is currently being accomplished by a crew of skilled labor. Because we do not employ a crew, we can do the job safer and more cost effectively than many of the options currently being utilized today. Our mission is simple, to bring this benefit to our clients in a efficient and professional manner. Please give us a call to discuss your specific requirements and see what we can save you and your company. 

Call us today at (559) 640 - 7930

California Aerial Imaging

1521 W. Meadow Avenue

Visalia, CA  93277

Tel: (559) 640 - 7930

Fax: (559) 624-4782

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