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Real Estate Aerial Photography and Vidoegraphy

   The video playing above is a collage of our branded real estate aerial video packages. This video is focused on real estate marketing but we do most of our work for companies wanting to market their products or business on their website or other marketing campaign.


   Videography is extremely effective in marketing any business. Today, people are watching these videos everywhere, quite literally. On their phones, tablets, computers and even in living rooms watching TV via YouTube. Videos can take on a life of their own and end up being distributed far and wide, reaching 1000s, if not 100,000s of viewers. Viewers are potential clients, they have interest, or know someone who would have, simply by hitting the play button. 

   Call us today for more information at (559) 640 - 7930

Below is an example of a branded aerial commercial real estate package. This property was 320 acres of bare land. 

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Real Estate Aerial Photography and Videography - California Aerial Imaging - (559) 640 - 7930 -
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